Outlook.com email account appears as "outlook_[long series of letters and numbers]

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When I log into my 360 account, my Gmail email address I can see and use everything, and the correct profile email address is displayed within my profile when you click on the profile photo.

My problem occurs when I click on Outlook, and I am taken to Outlook Live, which displays a totally different email address made up of a long series of letters and numbers, as displayed below. 


I can not find this email address in my profile, but if I download the apps from my 360 account, my original email appears, and everything works normally. So my problem is I can not use Outlook in 360 as it displays the incorrect email address - Any thoughts on how to remove this email address 



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I too am having the same problem. In fact, if you Google search this issue, you will find it has been a problem for many. I have yet to see anyone come up with a solution…….yet.