Outlook Clutter "Move to Inbox" gone?

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I was pretty sure there used to be a specific right click shortcut for items in Clutter folder to "Move to Inbox" which I thought was used to train clutter folder. Now looking in Outlook 2016 on Windows or web version of Office 365 Outlook it seems that shortcut is gone? Am I miss remembering how it worked or has the functionality changed?

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Have you turned on Focused Inbox, perhaps?

Yes, I have for myself. (Side question, is that per-user / per-tenant / both) However there doesn't seem to be anyway to deal with / manage focus from within Outlook 2016 on desktop? Didn't realize that activating Focus disabled clutter, maybe I missed that notice somewhere.

Outlook 2016 cannot manage FI, at the moment. Such capability will come.

For an overall introduction, give a look to this:

Why did they roll out feature before updates to support feature? It should have been in Outlook 2016 (and all other clients) before it was available in production to be activated. Have it sitting there waiting so when the switch between clutter to focus get thrown all clients just handle it gracefully. Ugh.

"Mobile first, cloud first..." ;)