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We have a user who has Fullaccess on a sharedmailbox. When a users flags an email, the email does not show in the task pane of the outlook Client.

Hower it does show in the /owa/<>


Is there a way to get this working?

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How is the shared mailbox added to Outlook? As long as it's added as additional account (via File -> Add account), any flagged messages should appear in the Todo list on the Task pane.

@Vasil Michev Thank you for your response. This user has a delegation on the sharedmailbox, so this is done trough auto mapping.

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I'm pretty sure this is by "design" for automapped mailboxes, configure it as additional account instead if you want to take advantage of this (and many other) features.

@Vasil Michev configuring shared mailboxes as additional accounts used to work for 1 or two shared mailboxes but I had bad experiences when configuring + 2 shared mailboxes as additional accounts.

Eventually I found out that creating a different outlook profile is the way to go to add multiple shared mailboxes with full functionnality.


Any thoughts on this?