Outlook Client and Outlook Web Access (.ICS File Format)

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Hi, can anyone here please help to explain and provide some sort of supporting documents on my query.

Why is it when I receive a course/webminar booking through email (or maybe a travel reservation/schedule), I normally see the email through the Outlook Client (meaning it's visible and came into the inbox) but I could not find this same email in Outlook Web Access (even if I did a search in my email folders in OWA)? I believe the email is in .ICS format because when I open the email and I do a File\SaveAs, it auto default to an ICS file format. When I open the email, I can see that I can send it to myself (with the send button) and above got the message " You haven't sent this meeting invitation yet". Please note that the email received/booking is not in the form of an attachment. Whoever experience or saw this behaviour before, please help and assist. Thank you.

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