Outlook Calendar totally empty

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I noticed today that my Calendar on my Windows 10 Mobile had gone empty.
Like, there's nothing, not a single thing in it, and it was full yesterday.

On my computer I've got everything, but I tried to create a 'test' task but it refuses to sync with the mobile, even if I manually sync Outlook Mail (Mail works, but not Calendar)

I tried to reboot the phone too and I checked for updates, there is none.


What's happening to my calendar ? This is really annoying when I'm outside, I can't see what I have to do...

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You could try removing the account and then adding it again, that may force a refresh of the data and get it syncing again.

One useful thing I do when users come to get help about this same issue, is to check whether auto sync is enabled (in background). 

Sometimes, when background syncing for the account is off, calendars won't update even when emails update works just fine!

Try to enable background auto sync =) Good luck and hope it helps you out!

Thank you for your replies, I just had to ask the question here for the calendar to work again... Computer magic and stuff I presume...


Unfortunately I cannot use autosync because I only have internet over wifi, I have to disable data over network or I would cost me too much.

(Yes I was connected to the wifi when it didn't work)


But now I know something to try if it happens again, thanks !

Nice to know that's working again! Have a great weekend

I'm going to look for the auto sync - to see if that helps. We had a lightning storm and computers went Off. Perhaps there is a chance to restore Outlook Calendar.

@Victor Lopes 

My Outloook calendar emptied itself overnight I deleted, sychyed Nothing