Outlook Calendar Share Removal Sends Email

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A recent feature or upgrade now sends email to when unsharing your calendar. It is similar to sending an email when you "unfriend" someone in social media. Of course social media doesn't do this. Outlook now does.


Is there a way to shut off the email notification for sharing/unsharing?

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Define recent, which build are you on? I don't thin I've encountered it thus far, but perhaps it's one of the recent improvements we got, so pinging @Julia Foran for more info.

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We do currently send an email when permissions are removed. This is because the calendar sharee's calendar will be updated (to the organization's default permission) or entirely removed if they no longer have any permissions.


However, we'll definitely keep listening if other users want the option to not send an email & discuss ways we could go about doing that. Thank you for the feedback!

Interesting. I have used this feature for years and this is the first time I have ever noticed or been asked why I removed permissions from the person the calendar was shared with.

Is there a better way to provide selected colleagues access to view titles and location w/o using the sharing option?
It took me by surprise. I've used it for years and this is the first time I have seen or been asked about removing these permissions. For me, it seems to be the most recent update, 1809.