Outlook Calendar not Working

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As of this morning my Outlook Calendar will not launch. A blank calendar window opens with a loading wheel then it closes. Please help.

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@barefootebiz  having the same issue - 

@Bill-PCWD Mine simply opens and then immediately closes in the app.  If I go to Calendar via Outlook it works perfectly.  

Same here. As of mid-morning today, calendar in the MAIL (envelope) app opens, spins, closes. In the OUTLOOK app the calendar is there and complete, but clumsy to use.
I am having the exact same problem. Was working fine several hours ago, now cannot get it to open.



I have the same exact problem that began today and ALL help has been tried without any results.



I have the same problemas of 1st March 2023 - any solutions please?

I just got on my desktop. Not only is the calendar not working on my laptop, it is also not working on my desktop. I have done the update for the mail & calendar app, but nothing is working. I'm wondering if it's due to a previous OS update. Any thoughts? Any solutions from Microsoft? We cannot be the only ones experiencing this.

@barefootebiz Sam

e problem BUT calendar works fine on another PC and phone WINDOWS 11


At what point should we drop Calendar from Outlook and start using something else permanently?
I gave up on it years ago - I use google for most everything. This is for a computer customer of mine.

I have the same issue my calendar will not open-PLEASE HELP!!!!

Latest Mail and Calendar update at the Microsoft Store has FINALLY repaired my issue. Give it a go yall.

Thank you!!!!@barefootebiz 

Brilliant. Did the Mail and Calendar update from the MS Store. Less than a minute. Full Calendar is back. You are a genius! Thank you@Reneerx 

@barefootebiz Me too. Blank window opens for up to fifteen seconds then shuts without warning. Have tried resetting the app and restarting Windows but it made no difference

@markgreig following advice above, updated to latest Mail & Calendar via Store, works fine. Last update must have been a dog. 

Got the same problem, I even reset the app and still not working
following the advice above, updated to the latest Mail & Calendar via Stor


My Microsoft Outlook Calendar refuses to launch beginning yesterday, 3/3/23.  I submitted a question on the user forum, and have only received a number of "me too's" from other users -- no fixes presented at this time.