Outlook Calendar Location error

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I'm using Windows 10 Enterprise and Office 365 for Enterprise.  I found a new issue with Outlook that our IT staff don't have an answer for (and weren't concerned about).  Have you ever seen this before?


I use a shared calendar in Outlook to set appointments for other people.  In that calendar we set up regular appointments and use the Location block for property addresses.  I create new appointments by copying and pasting an old appointment that has useful info in it, update as needed, type in a new location address, and save the new appointment. 


I also use the Outlook calendar in the Work Week view so I can see each day's appointments and the location of each appointment is visible in that view.


This week I noticed that when I opened one of those new appointments, the Work Week view of the appointment showed the correct (new) location, and when the appointment was opened it showed the incorrect (old) location from the cut and paste file.  Somehow the location was correct and incorrect at the same time. 


Typing over the old info and saving it again fixed those particular files, but that shouldn't be necessary and it shouldn't be happening.  



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