Outlook Calendar is local only

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My Outlook Calendar entries only show up on my local computer.  They don't show up with my phone outlook app, although my emails sync across devices.  Calendar entries sent by other parties show up on my computer and my phone.  How can I change my default calendar settings so that it syncs across devices?



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It sounds like you are using an IMAP account then. IMAP is only capable of syncing emails.


The fact that you see your meetings is because is because your invitations get processed locally on your mobile as well.


When you use an Exchange account type (including the free Outlook.com), then you can sync your Mail, Calendar and Contacts between desktop Outlook and Mobile Outlook.


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Thanks for the reply Robert!  I am using an IMAP account.  I looked into switching to the Exchange account, but was told that I would have to switch my current email to an outlook.com email account.  Is this information correct?


When you own the domain and have a Microsoft 365 subscription, then you could indeed transfer the domain to Outlook.com.


Or switch to Outlook.com and let your old (now current) address forward to the new Outlook.com address. You could still opt to send out with your IMAP account address, but configuring that as POP3 in Outlook would be easier.


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