Outlook asks for multiple password reset

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Since yesterday my outlook account (that i use for professional things) asked me to verify my account and, since I moved, I don't have the celphone I linked to my account so I had to go through the whole account verification process and I succesfully recovered my account and created a new password. 


However, when I tried to log in again, it did the same thing, asking me to verify my account (wich of course, would lead back to the same process) I waited and tried again but got the same results so I tried to verify a second time, ending in the same loop. Is there anyway to prevent this from happening?


Just to clarify, I didn't change computer or device nor did I change my password prior to this. No "abnormal loggin" notification. The only thing that´s different is that I changed the modem in my house for a faster wifi.  


Please help, I need that account back, I can't drop it. Thank you all for your help

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