Outlook: Appointment: Scheduling Assistent: Manuell changed times does not affect final appointment

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Hello all,


the following occurs after the last update of Office 2016/365

  1. Create a new appointment
  2. Switch to "Scheduling Assistant"
  3. At the bottom of the view change either "Start time" or "End time"manually"
  4. Leave either by mouse click or bei using the TAB-key

Observe the following:

  • If you save or send the appointment the new times will not be effective
  • At the "Scheduling Assistant" the vertical lines indicating start and end of the appointment will also not change
  • If you switch back to "Appointment" also the original times will be displayed.

We are on version 1803 build 9126.2259 ctr


I'm looking forward for your replies.

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I'm on the same build, but not able to reproduce this. Changing the start/end time from the Scheduling assistant tab updates the vertical indicator immediately and pressing the send button creates the meeting request with the selected time. Perhaps you have some add-in interfering?


In any case, if you can reliably reproduce this, open a support ticket.

Hello Vasil,


as recommended I started Outlook safe and manually set active Add-Ins to inaktive. After a restart of Outlook and all add-ins inaktive unfortunately same behaviour. I attach the Screenshot for the Add-Ins

My system is running with Windows 7 Enterprise (Build 7601, SP1) in an enterprise environment

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@Bernhard Rogge as I mentioned above, if you can reliably reproduce it open a support case, so that the team can investigate and escalate to the devs if needed.