Outlook Application Error - "Something is wrong with one of your data files and Outlook needs to clo

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Issue:  After my user has launched outlook and the application has opened fully it will display old unread emails and then close.


Outlook then displays the below:


"Something is wrong with one of your data files and Outlook needs to close.  Outlook might be able to fix your file.  Click OK to run the Inbox Repair Tool."

Annotation 2022-03-30 164955.jfifAnnotation 2022-03-30 165025.jfif

I then continue, outlook attempts to repair the file that is causing an issue but then nothing happens. - Re-launching outlook takes me back to where I was with Outlook loading, closing and displaying the message above.


I have tried to uninstalled office 2019 and deleted the relevent files to the programme and attempted to reinstall however to no avail as the same issue continues.  I then tried the below fix:


Launch Regedit through RUN Command browse to:


Delete the followng Keys:

"LastCorruptStore"="C:\\Users\\user.REDMOND\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Outlook\\*** Email address is removed for privacy ***"


Annotation 2022-03-30 165157.jfif

When re-launching Outlook again I face the same issue as I did originally. 

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