OUTLOOK: Adding a warning in the first sentence of external Emails which gets in the way in Preview

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Our IT Department has implemented a new policy, and now inserting a warning sentence to every email that comes from an external sender.


Now there are complaints especially from Sales team, which uses the Outlook mobile and also deals with external people alot, that the preview in the mobile app only shows the warning and not able to see the actual first sentence of the email..


What I can think of now as a workaround is below:

1. Suggesting IT to put the warning message at the bottom of the email (though they are very keen on 'security' not sure if they will agree)

2. Suggest IT to put the message as a ticker in Outlook (also not sure if IT will agree)


Would anyone know any other suggestions I can present to IT...?


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They can add an "[External]" prefix to the subject of the message instead.

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Hi @Junko Ohara, have a look at TagExternal tool.

It does not change the subject line and body to mark a message but assigns a special category to a message.

Thank you so much. We are using Office365 so not sure if we are able to use this Exchange software, but I can now show IT an idea of what we would like.

Hi @Junko Ohara, I glad to help.


If you will be interested in creation TagExternal for Exchange online,  please let me know.