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My wife uses the Outlook client on her PC to access her Comcast.net email. She can send/receive email just fine. But when she goes to Outlook.com and tries to login to her Outlook (comcast.net) account, it says that account does not exist.
So given the fact that she is using her comcast.net email address as her Outlook login on her pc, does that not create the Outlook account that she should be able to log into on the web client?
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Using an email address in the Outlook client does not automatically create an Outlook.com account for that email address. The Outlook desktop client and Outlook.com are different services, even though they share the Outlook brand.

Here is what might be happening:

  1. Outlook.com Account Creation: If your wife has never created an Outlook.com account separately, she won't have one. Outlook.com accounts are separate from email accounts used in the Outlook desktop client.
  2. Login Issues: If she is sure she has an Outlook.com account but is having trouble logging in, there could be issues with the password or account recovery. In this case, she should try recovering the account or resetting the password.
  3. Microsoft Account: Outlook.com accounts are often Microsoft accounts. If she has a Microsoft account with her Comcast.net email address, that is the account she should use to log into Outlook.com. However, note that having an email address does not necessarily mean there is an associated Microsoft account.

To troubleshoot:

  • Account Creation: If she does not have an Outlook.com account, she can create one using her Comcast.net email address on the Outlook.com website.
  • Password Reset: If she believes she has an account but is having trouble logging in, she should try the "Forgot Password" or account recovery options on the Outlook.com login page.

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