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I have a vexing problem with Outlook 365. It seems to related to Office Updates, namely that Outlook will not receive any new emails after an Update is installed. There were zero problems before the Update process began and now receipt of new messages is a crapshoot. Send/receive function works fine to Send, but no new messages arrive and the progress bar says "messages completed". I know the email settings are good as messages are received and displayed on net alternatives. This is an IMAP account and the lifeblood of my business. Color me frustrated as it will suddenly start working again and several messages will once again start the flow of receipt.


In previous Outlook editions (back to the first one) a detect/repair function would fix this, but have not found that option in this 365 world. Open to suggestions short of format!! Help and thank you!

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run: outlook /safe

Thank you for the response and yes, I did try that. In fact, I sent myself a message while in Safe as the first send/rec did not work. I could understand if there was a logjam of emails or large attachments waiting to get through, but that simply is not the case. I never had a problem with 2010 in several years, but according to similar searches, Outlook 365 seems to be an issue. There has to be a fix as every other day is unacceptable. Look forward to any ideas here. Thanks again.

Outlook in Safe mode is not working either. This is just nuts and has to be a fix somewhere. Right now Outlook is totally useless as a business tool! Where are the MS MVPs to offer words of wisdom?




Which version and build of Outlook are you using? See File, Office Account for the information. 


Does it work after you restart outlook or reboot? (Receives seem to stall on a random account after my laptop wakes - restarting outlook fixes it. I know its not the same scenario... ) 

Hi there,


Office 365, Version 1807, Build 10325.20082


No, starting and restarting in safe mode does not seem to work. The only thing that has forced it to behave is to send out a message to me and that tends to open the floodgates to bring in messages along with spam. I have noticed that in Send/Receive that the notice bar moves half way and stops and that always happens when it does not receive. It moves all the way to the right with successful reception. I installed Office 365 May 1st and had no issues until notice for an Office Update. A day later this all started with no resolution yet.


Thank you for your reply.