Outlook 365 restart every 1-2 minutes

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One of my colleague is having the following issue:

Every time she open outlook and starts working (let's say trying to write an email), oulook suddenly restart itself.

I tried to repair outlook with the tool, restarted the profile, uninstall, reinstall O365 app package, disable addins (one of them is Tresorit and that one cannot be closed, it freeze instantly) but no luck.

It was a major update for Outlook (now it looks like Windows 11 style).

Any idea?

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Same problem here
currently running outlook in safe mode, that prevents this restarts


it is the Tresorit add in that causes the restart of outlook.  I have removed the plugin through control panel and left the tresorit program be.  This removes the add in in outlook and outlook works fine now.  Nothing found on tresorit.com to troubleshoot this however.


I resolved the issue cause the other colleague had the same problem. Now I see your answer I was right. I hope it helps to other people too.