Outlook 365 profile multiple Exchange Online accounts mixed with IMAP accounts (advice needed)

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I have a customer who works as a consultant for multiple organisations, some of them work with Office 365 others work with Gsuite. In all those companies he received a personal e-mail account. He also has his own Office 365 tenant and a personal Yahoo and Gmail account.

He wants to manage all these accounts with Outlook. I managed to setup all the accounts in one profile, but I wondered if this is a good approach. He currently has 3 Exchange online accounts (3 different tenants), 1 Gsuite, 1 gmail and 1 yahoo account all mixed in one profile. The yahoo en gmail accounts are private (non business) accounts.


What are the possible issues this approach might give and how to work around or fix those potential issues.

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If he is using a recent version of Outlook (semi-annual channel should be fine), it will work OK. I have pretty much the same setup, haven't had any issues with it recently. Back in the day Outlook did have some issues with multiple Exchange Online accounts, but all these should now be solved.

The only issue will be folder list clutter from having some many accounts. Adding the most used folders to favorites is a big help. 


Are you/he using the Gsuite sync utility?  The last time i used it, it wouldn't work with Exchange in the profile - I had to add it as imap. 

Thank you for the feedback. I linked the google account as an imap account.

But this poses problems when accepting meetingrequests, these meetings then appaer in the primary calendar which (at the moments) is the calendar of another customer of this user.

I was unaware of that Gsuite tool.

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I hope that bumping an older thread is OK here, because I have pretty much the exact same issue as in the OP.  I'm currently at 5 accounts within Outlook 2016, 3 Office 365 tenants and 2 GSuite.  I use Outlook exclusively for professional accounts, and TBird for personal to try and keep clutter to a minimum, but even so, I'm about at the maximum I can easily handle from my laptop.  It's likely that I'll be getting two more accounts to manage by the end of the month (not sure of what type) and I don't really have room to add 4 more folders to my favorite panel and still keep enough space available to navigate the regular folder structure.


Plus, managing multiple calendars, contacts, and tasks, particularly for the GSuite accounts, is getting complicated.  I'm finding that people are not getting the RSVPs I'm sending for meeting invites, and thinking I'm not going to be there, and other basic functionality gives me problems.


Is there some best practices out there for being able to manage a large number of accounts from within Outlook without going crazy?