Outlook 365 on Windows 10 constantly crashing / stops responding!

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We have approximately 100 computers and outlook started crashing for some people I would say after Windows 21H2 update or maybe sometime around that update.
We tried repairing office from control panel, renaming the .pst file to .old so it would get re-downloaded and also creating a new office profile and nothing helped. I also tried with another outlook profile but the issue persist. When outlook is use in safe mode that does not happen but it could be a coincidence. I also tried download "SARA" from Microsoft and it didn't find any issues.

Windows and BIOS are updated to the latest versions and so is office, basically all updates are installed.

Thanks for your help!

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Anyone with the similar issue?


  I have been having the same issue. Different causes for different users. All after being put into Win10 21H2.

Profile wipe and rebuilds seem to Help. But still not convinced. Microsoft needs to investigate and sove as well.