Outlook 365 keeps sending blank emails

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Hi all
Recently my outlook has started sending blank emails as replies to all the emails sitting in my inbox.
I have Version 1804 (Build 9226.xxxx).
Is anyone able to help sort this please?
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It is replying to old messages or only to newly arriving messages?


Did you check for rules?  Look both in Outlook desktop and outlook on the web. 

Are you using any macros? 


What type of email account are you using - Outlook.com, Exchange, POP, IMAP? 



I am using rules, but not any that are replying to emails, just moving them to folders.  No macro's being used.


The account is an IMAP account.


It seems to be replying to emails that are already in my inbox.  Several at a time.



Does the issue occurs if you open Outlook in safe mode? Outlook.exe /safe



No, it has been on all weekend in safemode.  The only add on was teamviewer, which I have now disabled.  Will see if that works.



Hi Dexter,

As you confirmed that you are using I-MAP connection, please check the outlook manual configuration settings  where in incoming email settings panel is marked for to receive duplicates email or confirmation mails 

in click file->select option settings look for send & receive mail settings look for any changes..

hop[e this will help you to resolve the issue




@Dexter Millensame problem here. It is sending blank emails or emails with empty "From" field which is usually rejected by receiving server. The problem is here for years, at least ~3years. It happens only when replying to a message not when creating new one so it has nothing with settings.

Usual and very annoying workaround is to save draft of message, delete it, then open it again from Trash and send. Then everything goes well. Unfortunately because of company rules, I cannot change my email-client...

@mireczatko  That behavior sounds like read receipts. There was an issue where deleting junk mail in an imap account returned receipts. It was fixed; I don't know if it has returned.