Outlook 365 Groups Not Showing

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I am a Tier-2 support Tech so have no access to the Exchange side of things to check things myself.


I have a couple users that are not able to see groups in either Outlook or OWA client.

Verified his is a member of several groups, is using cached mode, online GAL, etc. Also tried re-creating his profile.


Had user log into another machine with same issue, but my login to same machine shows groups.


User stated issue started after he was absent for a long period of time due to illness, and when he came back the issue started.


Talked with our Exchange support people and they his client looks fine on their end.


Any ideas? I would be a hero in our office if I could figure this one out.


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Is EWS/autodiscover working properly for the user? Can he see others free/busy info and mail tip? Can others see his free/busy info?

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Thanks for responding.


Yes, his free/busy is working. Also I tested his E-mail configuration and I see autoconfiguration is checked and I did get the .xml log report from it.


Groups does not show up in the file>Options pane. comparing his to mine and another client.

Checked his permissions and do not see "Default" or "Anonymous" listed as on mine, but I assume he removed those when he was adding customer permissions for other users...




he should have Groups listed between people and calendar. Also calendar groups does not show up on his ribbon either.

P.S. Groups not showing either in the left pane either in his mail view