outlook 365 - display size of each directory and subdirectory

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I did some search on web... and cannot find any info for the question:

how I can see the size of directories and subdirectories in OWA interface?




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@Victor Ivanidze 

I am asking about outlook web... 

if in Outlook (office suite) you right click on Inbox\properties you can see the size of each Inbox subfolder. With that info you can perform easy cleanup.


Is there an option to check the size of subfolders in OWA interface?

Hi @pob579,

you have to create an add-in for Outlook OWA to get what you want. 

I checked descriptions of dozens... which one is the needed? May be you know?
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From Outlook Web App :
Settings > View all Outlook settings
General > Storage

I don't think there exists a ready-to-use add-in. You have to create it yourself or hire somebody.

THIS IS COOL ! :) Thank you!