Outlook 2021 Search not useable issues

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There are the following problems:

Cache or reindexing or anything else is not usefull. It seems a program-problem.


1. The sorting order in the search window constantly jumps back and forth, so you have to keep checking whether the elements displayed are still sorted correctly.


2. The search returns completely different results. For example, only parts of the search results that are present in the subfolders are found in the main folder. Sometimes the same search query produces different numbers of results.

If you search for a word in a folder, the obvious items with that word in the subject will not be found in the same folder, even though they are visibly there.


3. We always want to search in all Outlook elements, but the quick search always jumps back to the current folder.

Is there already a solution to the search problems in Outlook? This is really not useable in productive environment.

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That is urgend !! We are not able to work with such incomplete programmed piece of software. We need advice oder please correct that bugs.