Outlook 2019 Notification Alert - Not working

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We purchased Office 2019 standard VLC license. I removed the current office versions from the computer. I installed Office 2019 standard x86. Outlook does not send mail notifications. Besides, I cannot enter the rules and warnings section. When I try to log in, the message "The operation failed. An object was not found." I get an error.


Notifications are turned on in Windows settings.


Outlook - File - Options - Mail - Receive message - Display desktop alert is selected.

I would like to ask for help to activate Outlook mail notifications.



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@aykutozcan in Turkish.


Office 2019 nasıl kurulur diye aratmak da biraz tuhaf oldu doğrusu. En azından çözümü bulabildik. Şuradaki kaynaktan faydalabilirsiniz.