Outlook 2019 - Moving all emails from inbox to different folder

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Hi All,


I'm currently trying to move all emails I have in my inbox to a folder I created called "DONE".

Problem is, I have about 60'000 emails and my outlook can't handle selecting so many emails. When it does, then it crashes when I tell it to move them to this "DONE" folder.

Moving the emails one by one would take me days, if not months!


I tried selecting a few at a time (approx. 200-300 emails) but then outlook takes about 5min to move these emails. This would also take me ages to fully move all emails.


I also tried setting a rule, saying to move all emails older than a specific date. The operation started but the loading bar was barely moving, suggesting it would take days to complete.


Does anyone have any other ideas or suggestions?



I'm using Outlook 2019 (Version 1808 Build 10383.20027)

Using Windows 11 Pro

32GB RAM, 64-Bit Processor, 11th Gen Intel Core i7-1185G7 @3GHz

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