Outlook 2019 Autocomplete not accessing contacts from Exchange account. Not by name?

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I've been away from Outlook for a while personally, using emClient, and the Outlook web app.

Now using Outlook 2019 I find that the Autocomplete doesn't work out-of-the-box, by Name, really?

I have maybe 900 contacts, and they must be accessed by name from the [ TO ] dialog box opening for each email sent.


What's worse, recipients that have been sent messages don't autocomplete by name, keying in their (familiar) name on the empty To field displays the contact's email address, not their name.  So a contact like Ted Smith with an email address like maintenance@cherryhill.com displays no clue to the contact's name.


Is there a remedy for this?  I can install an app like emClient on a customer's PC, add the Exchange account, and the first email sent recognizes and displays a recipient's full name (from the Exchange acct).

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So it looks like one must go through each and every contact manually (from within Outlook) and fix the 'Display as' for each contact, like: Recipient Name(recipient@domain.com). 


1. Delete the current Display As field contents, tab to next field.

2. After tabbing away, the Display As field is updated to show 'recipient name - company(email address)'.

3. Save contact.

After this fix, the Autocomplete operates, despite the fact the contact has not been used to send an email.

You wouldn't expect MS Outlook to have an issue with the in-place contact data in an O365 Exchange account...  Am I missing something?