outlook 2016 version 1705(build 8201.2102 click-to-run Signatures failing

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New Emails, Replies and forwards are failing to be included in emails with the newest build on windows 10 PCs. I have seen it on three here so far today. Most likely going to roll those users back to the previous build until its verified working again. unless someone has a better plan:) 

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Hi James,


I'm on the same build and have no such issues at all



That's something else.

Same build on several machines. No problems with signatures.

We've tracked this down a little more and determined it has to do with an add-in we use to generate our signatures. We have standard outlook new and reply signatures with placeholder values that we replace with our custom signatures on the mailitem.open event. The issue appears to be that on the mailitem.open event, the signature is no longer available in the email yet, where in previous builds it was. Outlook must not be adding the signature to the mailitem until some point after the open event, but I can't seem to find any events later in the lifecycle that would work for us.