Outlook 2016: Sharepoint MRU attachment list problems

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We're planning a rollout of Office 2016, and have discovered a problem that's a bit of a showstopper for us.  We're using Sharepoint Online for document storage, and are really looking forward to having quicker access for attachments there.  However, in testing we've found two problems.  First, the MRU list (attach file, browse web location, sites - tenantname) doesn't ever seem to update (does anyone know how this is populated?).  Second, and worse, clicking on the entries there generally does not open the familiar sharepoint explorer window - but rather just a windows explorer window showing the users local documents.  It's as if explorer is not getting fed the URL of the document library.  Restarting the WebClient Service seems to help getting it to work for a time or two, but then it breaks again. Anyone seen this? This is with 1611, build 7571.2072.

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I would be curious, too, to know how the list is populated, I never well understood it...

Browse Web Locations gets populated if you have used the sharepoint site in Windows Explorer and browsed it.


It is autopopulated and there is no feature to add it manually, but if you are using Sharepoint Online then you can find all your concent Under "Sites" which is below the Browse web Location option.


To confirm if you have enabled the Sharepoint Site, Click File-Office Account and check if you are able to see your tenant name with Site.

I am using Sharepoint Online and the only options that appear under Browse Web Locations -> Sites - Tenant Name is a listing of folder that I supposedly accessed recently. I have no option to view my entire Sharepoint Online Tenant. I even went to a library in the Classic Experience and one in the Modern Experience and accessed the library by using the Open in Windows Explorer view and these libraries are still not available to me in the Outlook 2016 message. 


Does anyone here ACTUALLY know how the Outlook Attach File from Web location functionality works?

We're having a similar issue. While the list is populating the links are only opening Windows Explorer, not the SharePoint site.