Outlook 2016 not opening Office 365 shared mailbox (as additional account) but OWA does




When I try to add a shared mailbox (created directly on O365) to my outlook account I get the following error "An encrypted connection to your mail server is unavailable"


But, if I open the shared mailbox in OWA it will work.


Also, when I use the "Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistan for Office 365" the first error I receive is "We couldn't find any SCP urls"







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It's hard to guess like that, but you seem to have some issue with autodiscover. You can either use the shared@domain.onmicrosoft.com address as a workaround, or better, make sure Autodiscover is working correctly.


To get the proper autodiscover response from Outlook, hold the CTRL key and right-click on Outlook's icon in the tray, select "Test E-Mail Auto-configuration". Enter the address of the shared mailbox (or any other mailbox for that matter), dont enter any password and clear the two Guessmart checkboxes. When propmted for credentials, make sure you enter *your* UPN/password, as you cannot login directly to a shared mailbox. If the test fails, post the results from the Log tab here so we take a proper look.


Seems it was only need to use upn and password to make it work (did'nt happen before), I tested with a recently migrated shared mailbox that was giving me same issue and after providing my upn\password 2 times in worked.


I'm addidn the log results, see below








Logs are fine, it's normal for some of the autodiscover lookups to fail. And yes, there's small difference once the shared mailbox is migrated, but you got it working now :)

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