Outlook 2016 - Hangs when printing certain emails

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Hi all,


Outlook 2016, patched to the latest version. Around 20 laptops and computers. 

We seem to face some issues when printing out certain emails. And if the email has issues on one computer, all of the other computers too cannot print properly from Outlook. It is common enough to be rather noticeable. Outlook will just hang there in the print preview screen and it would take like 5 minutes to be able to print. 


Here are some of the steps or observations taken:

1.  Tried on different computers and the same issue occurs for the same email (multiple recipents).

2.  Tried OWA and it is able to print without any issue.

3.  Most emails are fine, only a few emails.

4.  Thought could be printer issue. So set to another default printer (like PDF printer) to test, also hangs for a long time. Tried on other computers as well. Same issue occur.

5.  Opened the offending email and forward to another. Tried printing on the other user computer, also same issue.

6.  From what I can gather, these offending emails are usually HTML emails - like reports or receipts from vendors. Even a few are HTML based invoices. Same issue, keep hanging for a long time before.

7. Tried to install Outlook 2016 on a clean computer to test. Those offending emails still hang when printing.

8. Delete off some information on the email before forwarding, seems to work sometimes. But not anyways. But I tested a few by forwarding the empty email and it is able to print without issues. So could it even possible be those emails themselves?


Could it be how Outlook handles broken links or broken images or even tables?

I am at my wits end. Anyone able to help?


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