outlook 2016 gmail account user or password not accepted

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i have been a few days with my laptob away from the office using my outlook without problems.


when i got back to the office yesterday, oultook can not access my gmail account and i have not changed anything.


can someone tell me why is this happening?


Thank you in advance, Juan

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HI Andrzej1,

thank your for answering.

I think that google considers since May 30th, 2022 that Outlook 2016 is not a secure program...
No - it is normal that they want a 16 digit password or 2FA.



My existing password is above 16 digits

For some, it helps to change the password and set 16 digits .
unfortunately I don't have Gmail synced with Outlook so I don't have my own examples.



Thanks again. 


Unfortunately, no way to use outlook 2016 and this free gmail account.



@juan jimenez 

You can easily add a Gmail account to the Mail app for Windows10 - it works reliably - synchronization is automatic .
Of course this is not Outlook, but it works, please write what you think?



Hi, I checked mail for w10. Thanks for reccomending it! Never thought it existed...


Unfortunatelly, i prefer to try to see how can i make Outlook 2016 work with Gmail...


I Hope that this misunderstanding between Gmail and his users can be repaired.




@juan jimenez 

You can fill out this form directly to Google Support – I wonder if you get a solution?

Less Secure Applications - Google Account Help

To continue using your Outlook you will have to enable two-step verification in Gmail and add an app password. Use that password for logging into Outlook.



Hi John, thank you for your answer.


This is Outlook 2016, not an app. How can I put an app password in Outlook 2016? in the account settings i can have only 1 password which is the gmail password that I always had.


I hope you can keep on helping.


Gracias, Juan

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