Outlook 2016 frequently hangs

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Hello Community,


I recently re-installed outlook 2016. since then it hangs most frequently. especially whenever i try to send emails (or) performing search in address book. Please help.

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It maybe worth running this tool https://diagnostics.outlook.com/#/ - it has sorted a few issues for some of our users.
Hello Tanya,

Thank you for the response. I’ll run through and revert accordingly.

Hello Tanya Denton,


I just tried running the tool and all i got is the below error message. after running the tool it says "outlook not installed on my system" when i have a problem with running outlook app? I am confused.



Have you got an earlier version of Office installed on your machine? This may be the problem. Sorry but I can't help you on this one; someone else may be able to on here, if not google! (sorry BING!)

Thank you for the advice Tanya. 

I am using Outlook version 1809. This i believe is the latest version as i downloaded and re-installed it only few days ago. 

Anyway, once again thank you for your support in this matter. Let me "Bing" it (or) "Google" it. Hoping for a fix.


Thank you.

Hello All,
On the above issue, I have contacted outlook support in built in outlook app. Based on the support staff suggestion i have downloaded the office 365 from Microsoft website and re-installed it.
Initially, i was having an issue that whenever i sent an email, it stays in outbox forever. I have to close the outlook and restart it again in order to sent the email that got stuck in outbox. So i have re-installed office 365.
After the re-installation, i faced the issue of frequent hanging whenever i try to sent an emails. then i contacted the outlook support. after few options have been tried (suggested by support staff) finally i have been given a link to download the office 365 again and re-install. i did that.
After the second re-installation (in few days), i am having the same problem of emails getting stuck in outbox and only after closing and reopening outlook again the emails are delivered.
Can someone please help me with this issue as this is really causing series problem for me in terms of productivity. Have enough of downloading, reinstalling and configuring new outlook. this is not working for me. 
Thank you.