Outlook 2016 for Mac - sent message marked as unread

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Hi there,


for a number of weeks now I have noticed that most emails that I send make a sound as if a new message arrived. Outlook for Mac then marks that email just sent email as unread in my "sent emails" folder. Anybody else has seen this "amazing new Microsofot feature"?

Funnily enough that is not the case with every email that I send - the recipients are from my domain and other domains, so there is no logic to when Outlook does what it does.

FYI: I run Office for Mac with Exchange on premise - Outlook for Mac 15.36 is the current version.


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Anybody here have the same "problem"? .... Nobody???? What doesn't seize to amaze me is the relatively small number of occurrences per phenomenon. There are so many bugs but only very few people seems to complain. Why is that?