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I'm wondering what format Outlook 2016 / O365 emails use by default. HTML? Reason I ask is when we migrate to O365 / Outlook 2016, I'm hoping there's an easy way to create visually compelling emails that will render nicely on mobile devices. Today, in our Office 2007 and Exchange 2010 environment, it's difficult to create company emails that look good on the desktop client and render responsively on mobile devices. Any insights or thoughts on how to accomplish this in an O365 / Outlook 2016 world?

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Scott -


Unfortunately, Outlook desktop 2016 still uses Word and a bunch of proprietary XML to format email (the same as previous versions) and I don't think this situation is going to change any time soon and people have been complaining about it for years. If you want to create visually compelling HTML emails that will render with fidelity across a wide range of devices, you really need to compose them using a dedicated HTML editor, or a plain text editor for the best results. Of course there are also third-party services like Mail Chimp that help with the creation of responsive emails using their templates and online editors.


Another issue with Outlook that I've never solved (and perhaps just as important for Spam scoring) is how to create/send Multi-part MIME emails - so that you can include a nicely formatted plain-text version of your HTML email alongside it for those recipients that only view plain text.

I'm not convinced there is such a thing as a nice bulk email, I try to suggest to people that the message should just contain enough to get people interested to click a link through to a Sway. Sway is responsive and simple, allowing embedded content and documents etc

Hi Scott,


There is a solution for bulk e-mail and other features.  This one is directly in your Outlook and we call it @@nt Text (anttext). Give it a try on http://anttext.com


If you have questions just send directly to support@anttext.com


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