Outlook 2016 desktop client keeps prompting for credentials

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Hello everyone,


Recently i was added as a member of a Share Mailbox in our Office 365 tenant. After the mailbox showed up in my Outlook 2016 client on the desktop, the client keeps prompting for credentials all the time. Sometimes it accepts my real password and some times it requires me to enter a App Password as I have MFA enabled. I have had MFA enabled for a long time and until now it has not caused any problems but could it be the cause of my problems now? Has anyone else experienced the same issues? How to solve it? Disabling MFA is not an option!



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Have you tried to create a new profile?

Yes I tried that already earlier. Now, however, I think I'm on to something because after I enabled ADAL in our tenant Outlook has not prompted for credentials a single time. Hope this solves the problem...