Outlook 2016 calendar isnt showing my appointments

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I have a strange issue with Outlook 2016 in that my appointments arent showing in my calendar.

I can see them using my 'to do bar' so I know that they are there.

I have attached an image to show that the calendar has 487 items plus the 'to do bar' has appointments for today, just not showing in the calendar.


Any idea of what could be going on?

Many thanks


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Do they show up via the webmail (OWA)? On a mobile device? 

@Vasil Michevyes I can see the appointments on my mobile phone
I actually have another computer (at work) against the same account and I can see the appointments there (though I use outlook 2013 at work)

So the appointments are definitely 'there'



Which means that the issue is most likely with the local Outlook cache. Have you tried recreating the profile?