Outlook 2016 cached mode - should the user see the old emails?

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Two colleagues approached me today with the same issue - Outlook "stopped" showing messages older than 6 months. "Stopped" because I'm not sure how it's been before, and that's actually my question: should Outlook show the messages beyond the local cache (e.g. older than 6 months in this particular case)? I have vague memories that it used to be transparent, i.e. when Outlook was online it would just show all the emails, no matter if they are cached or not. Now, if the user scrolls down through the mail folder, the older (non-cached) messages don't show up at all. Should it really be like this?

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Hi, easily explained. Its a matter of how the cached mode is configured. If its 6 months then you have a local copy of the mailbox within 6 months. You can certainly search and see older emails but then you will need a connection to the server. Attaching two links. One brief and one deep.

@ChristianBergstrom I feel my explanation was a bit unclear ;)

I fully understand what is cached mode in Outlook, and how it's adjusted. My question was about visibility of the messages when Outlook is connected to the server, but I found an answer in the second article (thank you for the link!), and it apparently means we've got an issue.

The article says: "The email messages that are removed from the local cache are still available for users to view, but they'll need to be connected to Exchange Server to view them. Users can view messages that were removed from the local cache by scrolling to the end of a message list in a folder and clicking the message Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange." In our case the users having connection to Exchange Online can however see only the messages sitting in the cache, i.e. if the user scrolls down an email folder, there's no message Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange, the list just ends on the last cached email. I.e. Outlook behaves like there was no connection to the server, showing to the user only cached part of the mailbox.

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Hi, could be this then

If not, just create a new Outlook profile to reset all settings in the client.

@ChristianBergstrom Yep, it seems to be the case, thanks a lot for your help!