Outlook 2013 Pop Out Windows for New Mail, Reply, etc only show in taskbar

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This just started. I can not open a "New Email" or Reply or Forward. No windows "pop out", but I see them in my taskbar. Everything works fine in Safe Mode. Read where it is a "add-in" causing it, but turning all off does not help. Also have reinstalled, and also ran Office repair. No luck. Installed 2013 on another computer, and that does work.  I am on a Dell Precision T5400 in Window's 10. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

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Hi @reedesign, try to re-create the Outlook profile. 

@reedesignI figured it out. Nothing was wrong with outlook. My control panel > display was showing I had 3 monitors when I only have 2. Turns out I had one monitor with two connections to my graphics card. All Outlooks pop out windows were showing in the phantom 3rd display.