Outlook 2010 suddenly won't open; purchased Office 2019 and it also won't open

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A few days ago Outlook 2010 froze on me and the only way I could exit was to use Task Manager to shut it down.  Ever since then, I've been unable to open it.  I get a pop-up with this message:  ""Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. The file C:\(filepath and filename).pst cannot be opened."


I've created a new profile, and that works just fine.  Problem is, because it uses its own new PST file, I've got no access to all the folders and messages in my original PST file or my two archive PST files.  If I open Outlook using the new profile and try to import from the original files into my new profile, I get pretty much the same error message.


I tried running SCANPST.  I ran it multiple times;  each time produced a new PST file with a slightly different file size than before, until after the fourth run it said my PST file had no errors.  However, Outlook 2010 would still not open with any of the PST files produced by SCANPST.


I used a third party program to try to recover my PST file, and it produced another PST file.  But Outlook 2010 still wouldn't open - same message.


So I gave in a purchased Office 2019.  Sadly, the only thing that has changed is the text in the message.  Now it says "Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. The file C:\(filepath and filename).pst cannot be opened."  This happens with my original PST file, the PST file produced by SCANPST, and the PST file produced by the third party program.


After reading similar posts on this forum, I tried running SaRa.  It told me I have the wrong kind of account and wouldn't run.


So, what now?  Can anyone help me?  I just can't lose all this data.

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