Outlook 2007 ultraslow at start with Exchange after WIN10 fall update

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Hello team, I just updated WIN10 to the latest and my Outolook 2007 configured with Exchange server takes up to 15-20 seconds at startup to either display " Exchange server not available - work offlline, continue etc" or move to the main email page. IF I turn off any LAN or WIFI connection, Outlook starts immediately


Before the upgrade, Outlook 2007 started immediately and then started to get the connection to the exchange server.


I work from home and my DSL is what it is, but all was fine before the update. Can you please tell me what to check- tune - disable to have Outlook 2007 start immediately as before?


Thanks and regs



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Is there a specific reason you're still using Outlook 2007? It's no longer supported.
Also what Exchange environment are you connecting to - an Exchange Server (if so what version?) or Exchange Online?

Reason is I purchased a legal copy of Office Ultimate 2007 long time ago and it still works perfectly. The fact it's no longer supported does not relate to the damages introduced by the latest WIN10 upgrade. If you tell me how to check what KB of the last WIN10 upgrade are related to Outlook I will deinstall one by one till I find the proper rollback and let you know. 

That fact that it isn't supported is exactly related to the impact from the latest Windows 10 - as they don't test what impact any updates or changes would make to software versions that are no longer supported. It's also a considerable security risk.
If you want to stick with Office 2007 then I'd suggest you look at your update history and uninstall one by one, although there's no guarantee that it will resolve it.