Outlook 2007: Is there a way to auto-populate the cc field?

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This is a long shot but I just wanted to check and see if there is a possibility.


My co-worker and I have for some time had a set-up whereby anything sent to her is copied to myself and visa-versa. 

The other day I set up a rule for anything that I send gets cc'd to her so that she has a copy of things that are important as when it is busy I forget to CC her.

I set up an exception in that rule not to CC her when I marked it as a specific category. I don't use the email categories - I am just using it as an easy (arbitrary) way to opt out of CCing her. There are more emails that should be CC'd than ones that should not. It's just that I don't want to flood her inbox. 

Because of the set-up for received items, items I send get copied to her and also copied again to me, so I don't necessarily want to CC her into every single thing.


I was wondering if any of the following are possible:


- At the moment the menu bar when I go in to send a message has the category function tucked under the expandable 'options' menu item. Is there a way to give the category function its own icon and for it to be prominent

- Can I set something up whereby when I send an email it prompts me to confirm that I want it to follow the rule I have set up of CC'ing my co-worker

- Is there a function whereby instead of having an auto cc from sent items, to make a setup whereby when I click 'new mail message', her email is automatically populated in the cc field (without me clicking in there at all) and I have the option to keep it there or delete it. 


Thank you and any insight or solutions that could help achieve something similar would be helpful.

I can suffice with the set-up I have, just wondering if there are ways to improve it. 


Without going into it, thee may be underlying reasons as to why my memory is so poor and I am looking into this but please no snarky comments about how I could try just remembering to manually CC her.

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Hi @samkelly92-, I don't know  any ready-to- go software to do what you want. 

Hire someone to write a VBA script or an add-in for Outlook that will implement your requirements.