Outlook 16 stopped letting me click in contacts to tasks and emails

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Just started today. I can no longer add the contact name to an email or task.


For email, I click New Email click on either the "To" which opens my Select Names: Contacts where I normally doubleclick the person I'm looking for and then email them.  I can get all the way to the contact list, double click the name and it fills the To in the Select Names: Contact Pop up box, but when I click OK to close out the box and fill in the name to the email, the name doesn't fill in.


For Tasks, (I've regedit and added showcontactfieldobsolete so I can link my Contact to Tasks) The same thing happens.  Here, I click New Task fill in the task and then select "Contacts" which brings up "Select Contacts" box I double click the contact, but nothing fills in the box.  


I've rebooted. I've repaired Office. I've updated Office and I uninstalled 6/14/18 security update to see if that fixed it...nothing.  


I appreciate help.

Thank you.

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I have it working now...I ran a new windows update and reinstalled the recent update I just uninstalled and it started working again...I have no idea why.