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I would like to set up outlook so that every email that I send out is delayed by 5 minutes. When looking at making the rule, Outlook says that rules only can apply to incoming emails, so is this no longer possible?





Thanks, Pat

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Outlook on the Web and the New Outlook Preview indeed do not support the creation of Outgoing Rules. You can still create them with the "Classic" Outlook for Windows though.
Hi @PatW,
not natively in OWA. You have to create an add-in to do that.
Such add-in now exists. Google for "EmailDelayRule for Outlook 365".

You can search all you want




Wait a couple of days to let Google index the web site.


UPDATE: see https://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/E-mail/EmailDelayRule-for-Outlook-365.shtml

Seriously unrealistic price!

Hi @Sebastian Cerazy,

OK, could you let me know what price will look as fair and realistic for you? 

I work with education pricing, so domain (@domain.xyz) pricing that I would find acceptable would be maybe $300
It is not a "must" for everybody, maybe few staff would use it, once or twice
Maybe it is different in big business
If only 2 persons will use it, why pay $300? Better pay $70 for 2 individual licenses, don't you think so?