Our users who use outlook exchange can't receive our emaildomain

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Hi there, 


Our users who use outlook exchange are unable to receive from our email adres hallo@simpleclaim.nl 


These are different companies but all have the same complain and we do not receive any error code. 


Users have checked their spam and other inboxes but never received the email.


They have always been able to receive emails but for some reason this has changed.


Does anyone know what to do / have tips?

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Hi @simpleclaim 


Looks like simpleclaim.nl is running on Google Apps. It's been a few years since I've used GApps, but check check to confirm that the email sent from that address has definitely been delivered to the other Exchange servers - something similar to a message trace in Exchange.


If the emails are being handed off, then the IT team looking after the receiving mailbox will need to determine why it was not passed on. If the emails are being rejected by the recipients server then it should return a NDR code as to why.