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So, I, like many of you, get tons of emails and I desperately need to organize them so I can keep track of them.  What I'd like to do is when I get an email from a particular domain with the text "incident xxx" in the subject line (where xxx is any number), I'd like to put it into a subfolder off of "domain\incident xxx".  "domain" will be something static, but "incident xxx" will be dynamic as it could change from one set of emails to another.  Also, "incident xxx" may have text before or after it.


I've tried to ask Chat GPT this question and it gave me some useful info regarding how to setup rules.  However, it started to get wonky in terms of how to setup the subject filter, stating I could use a regex in it and then use a group pattern number ($1) to name the folder to move the file to.


That didn't work.  Does Outlook support regex or has Chat GPT gone senile? :D


Using Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2208 Build 16.0.15601.20540) 64-bit




I was able to get Chat GPT to help me write some VBA code to do this (with a lot of modifications).  I think that I now have something that will work but now I've found that executing the script is generating an error:



Does anyone know why the error doesn't see the script name but the run rules dialog shows that it does?  More importantly, how do I get my script to execute?



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