Opening multiple Gmail accounts in Outlook mail client without having to Login each

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I have about 7 Google emails, and one email, all set up in the same Outlook Email Client.   It's a pain to check my email because it always prompts me (with a pop-up Window) to sign in with Username and Password for the particular email I am checking.   The Windom keeps popping up when I try to close it, so there is no way   Even if I manage to close the Google prompt and think I am free, then Outlook sends a pop-up Window that prompts me to sign in with my Outlook Username and Password.  (And sometimes, even when I sign in, I am then sent a PIN to my cell phone to type in to double verify).

I would like to turn off all the prompts to sign in!   Which settings can I change on Google and/or Outlook to accomplish this?

My tech knowledge is lagging, so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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@loulocc I am having the same problem and pulling my hair out. I had to go back to the Old Outlook.I am having the same issue with going into Chrome. I am forced to sign in each rime with one of my google accounts individually rather than just one and toggle from one account to the other. I am deinstalling New Outlook for now.