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I am using newOutlook app. I have full permission to other mailbox and I see it in "shared for me" section but I have no access to online archive this mailbox (it is not visible). When I start Outlook from Office 365 or Office 2019 I get access to online archive from Outllok (it is visible in Outlook). Online Archive is visible from Web browser too.

How to show online archive in NewOutlook for shared mailbox? Is it even possible?

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That's currently not supported in the new Outlook. Accessing the Online archive for a delegate/shared mailbox is only possible when you have configured said account as additional account (i.e. added it via File > Add account), and for the time being this is not possible for shared mailboxes in the new Outlook. Apparently it's on the to-do list though, so should be coming in the next few months.

Do you have any updates on adding this functionality?

I've also had people asking me about this..... it is blocking some users migrating to the new outlook and they have rolled back. :(

They added it to the Roadmap... not delivered yet afaik.
This one? Seems vague... get out of jail/shared mailboxes card included.
Rollout Start: June 2024
Outlook: Show online archive storage in the new Outlook for Windows and Web
With this latest update, users can now easily view their online archive storage directly within the Outlook application. By displaying online archive storage information, users can proactively manage their email storage and make informed decisions about archiving, cleaning, and their regular and archived folders. #newoutlookforwindows
Feature ID: 386902
Added to roadmap: 3/8/2024
Last modified: 3/8/2024
Product(s): Outlook
Cloud instance(s): Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)
Platform(s): Desktop, Web
Release phase(s): General Availability

Someone just left our company and i have to manage a shared that i didn't checked for a while.
Just figured that out but can't find any of the "archived" emails from several month now. Even on OWA is there a workaround ? It is a real issue on our end

We can actually archive emails we we can't access them ???