Old outlook email not recognized

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Attempting to login to an outlook email address that has been discontinued due to inactivity. I am trying to change the registered email on a 3rd party account from the discontinued email to a current one (third party won’t change it; to change it myself, it sends a verification code to the discontinued email I can’t access).

So when attempting to login with the old email address in outlook, it says it doesn’t exist and asks if I want to create it - which I do. When it goes to the next screen to create it and I click next, it tells me it already exists and I can’t create it.

No troubleshooting offered in the FAQs or subsequent trees can fix the problem - anyone have any ideas???

Thanks in advance!

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You're in same boat as I am! I did same and got same result. I believe in the past I used to get a warning email and a method to recover. Be nice to recover as I still do get email to that account.
Do you want to create a new mailbox with a new address?