Office e-mail is extremely confusing

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I used to be a happy Thunderbird user; it was SOOOO beautiful and user friendly program in emailing; I LOVED it!
Then my computer savy friend "updated" our systems, and convinced me to start using this dumb Office.
Many many many features are simply complicated to use, and I have given up trying to even find them. But one very important featuure I would need: I would like to add recipients in one single mail. And, to make more complicated; I would like to determine how some of the recipients are cc, some are bcc, and some are simply to.
In Thunderburd there was a wonderful feature to simply change the status of the recipient in front of the address line, but in this DUMB Office, it is not so logical:
How the hell am I supposed to determine which ones are bcc and which ones cc?!?!?

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