Office 365 Seachfolder created by Graph API not working

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I have created a searchfolder in Outlook(office 365) using the graph API that should display items that have a specifik category. The folder is being display after creation but show no result - it gives a message like "Nothing to show here"(using danish version so I don't know the exact english message). if I use use the Graph API to validate my searchFolder using this

I get the following result - This shows the folder has result (129). Why is the office 365 client not showing the results ?

             "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.mailSearchFolder",
             "displayName": "Cpr test",
             "parentFolderId": "AAMkADkzYjU5MGUyLWQwYWYtNDhlOS1iMTEyLTI5ZWU0NjhkOTUzZgAuAAAAAACTG7LQLeslRra5DbZUE5ORAQBk1svUcFf0QLgrVe6DCNNhAAGwCnw4AAA=",
             "childFolderCount": 0,
             "unreadItemCount": 0,
             "totalItemCount": 129,
             "isSupported": true,
             "filterQuery": "categories/any(a:a eq 'Mulige CPR-data')"
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