Office 365 Outlook 2016 client.

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Dear Office 365 Community,
•This is regarding Office 365 Outlook 2016 client.
Users would like to easily copy a table from Excel Spreadsheet and paste that table into an email body.
Currently this paste only the data - and loses all table formatting.
Our current work-around is a 4 step process:
1. Copy table from Excel...
2. Paste the table into OneNote...
3. Then re-copy the OneNote table...
4. Then finally re-pasting the table into the email body...
It's a complete waste of time. It should be in two steps...
Outlook online only seems to keep table format when pasting from OneNote...but not from Excel.
Fixing it so that we only have a 2 step process would make all our lives much easier.
How do we fix this issue of Copy and Paste from Excel Spreadsheet to Outlook body email?
Thank you for your quick reply.
Kind Regards,

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Hi everyone,

I have the same issue with all browserd except IE. Only with IE I can paste from Excel and keep the format.